Tyler Braden's New Single "Secret"

Country icon Hank Williams has always been a huge influence on rising star Tyler Braden. Interestingly, Braden grew up in Slapout, Alabama, which is only a few miles from the burial spot of Williams. Braden moved to Nashville in 2006 and took a job as a firefighter to support himself while learning his craft.

Over the past few years, Braden has released singles like "Thank Me For That" and "Brothers," while receiving more than 25 million streams on Spotify. Braden's latest single "Secret" and video are gaining speed throughout the country scene. The song is about being from a small town where people know everything about everyone.

The lyrics for "Secret":

'Cause we all act like we don't know

Where daddy got his money for a fishing pole

A Zebco don't come cheap in this day and time

And we all turn the other way

'Cause we've got bills that we can't pay

It's a small town and we know how it goes

It's just another secret that everybody knows

Tyler Braden - "Secret"

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