Tucker Beathard's Powerful New Single "20/10 TN"

Singer-songwriter Tucker Beathard comes at you full speed with his new single "20/10 TN." The single is one of the thirteen tracks off his King album released back in August 2020.

At first, you are hearing Beathard describe a Tennessee football game and begin realizing it is a bigger story. Fans can listen to the song and come away with different meanings. "20/10 TN" uses the football correlation to pass on other meanings within the song.

The chorus for "20/10 TN":

And by the way I meant to say

That I'm sorry 'bout last night

I didn't mean to make you cry

But did you really mean goodbye?

I swear to God I'm gonna change

Turn this fool I've been around

Yeah, I believe in miracles

'Cause, hell, I'm watching one right now

And, girl, you won't believe

It's going into half

Ten-nothing Tennessee

The single was written by Tucker Beathard, his father Casey Beathard, and Phil O’Donnell.

Tucker Beathard - "20/10 TN"

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