Trace Adkins' Single "Heartbreak Song"

Country icon Trace Adkins is back in the studio working on releasing his 13th album late this year. His latest single off the upcoming album is titled "Heartbreak Song."

The video for the single begins with a lady in a diner explaining that Gary may be gone forever. Adkins finds a flyer about Gary's disappearance and during the course of his day, finds Gray. The reunion occurs as Adkins hands Gary back over to her.

The woman in the video is none other than Trace Adkins's wife (since 2019) Victoria Pratt.

The chores to "Heartbreak Song":

Nobody's singing 'bout love gone wrong

Or being as lonely as the night is long

I like a party in a truck

Every bit as much as the next guy

But come on she's gone

And sometimes you need a heartbreak song

Trace Adkins - "Heartbreak Song"

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