Priscilla Block's New Single "Wish You Were The Whiskey"

Country newcomer Priscilla Block has followed up her hit "Just About Over You" with another single off her self-titled album released back in April/2021. Block's latest single "Wish You Were The Whiskey" is one of the six songs on her EP.

The single is a breakup song that compares an ex to a bottle of whisky. The single "Wish You Were The Whiskey" will surely be Block's next big radio hit.

"Wish You Were The Whiskey" was written by Priscilla Block, Josh Beale, Kate Hastings, and Sarah Jones.

The chorus for "Wish You Were the Whiskey":

Now I'm drunk, like a fireball lighting me up

Put it to my lips and I feel that rush

Letting 80 proof do what it does

And I'm high, it's rocking me through the night

Keeping me warm, holding me so tight

Finally feeling fine, and then it hits me

I wish you were the whiskey

Priscilla Block - "Wish You Were The Whiskey" (Story Behind the Song)

Priscilla Block - "Wish You Were The Whiskey"

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