Matt Stell Explains "That Ain't Me No More"

Matt Stell found great success back in October/2020 after releasing his Better Than That EP. The EP included the hit singles "Prayed For You" and "Everywhere But On."

Stell's latest single "That Ain't Me No More" debuted back in February. The official music video for "That Ain't Me No More" was released on (Wednesday) March 24, 2021. In the video, Stell describes his destructive lifestyle and now he has lost the girl due to her moving on. Throughout the song Stell explains this is killing me because "That Ain't Me No More."

The chorus for "That Ain't Me No More":

Somebody's got her in their shirt

Somebody's textin' her at work

Somebody's got a picture on their dash

Somebody's goin' fishin' with her dad

She's lettin' some lucky someone see

That knock-you-dead dress hit the floor

She found the one and it's killin' me

'Cause that ain't me no more, yeah

No, that ain't me no more

The single was written by Hunter Phelps, Jake Mitchell, Michael Hardy, Nick Donley, and Smith Ahnquist.

Matt Stell - "That Ain't Me No More"

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