The New Video For Maddie And Tae's Single "Woman You Got"

The latest video from Maddie and Tae is for their "Woman You Got" single. The duo has a blast making fun of themselves while acting out parts of old movies.

The video takes place in a mansion with the girls working out, eating chicken, and burning food. Throughout the video, we get to see both Maddie and Tae's real-life husbands, Jonah Font and Josh Kerr.

The chorus for "Woman You Got":

You say you love me I know you love me

Love that you love me baby

I know you know me but if I know me

I'm gonna drive you crazy

The thing about me is I'm always getting better

And the truth is boy it might forever but

When it comes to loving you I'm never gonna stop

That's the kind of woman you got

Maddie and Tae will begin performing on July 24th at the Delaware State Fair and throughout the end of 2021.

Maddie and Tae - "Woman You Got"

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