MacKenzie Porter Sings About Relationships Being "Drinkin' Songs"

Canadian actress, singer-songwriter MacKenzie Porter grew up in Alberta, Canadian, and began playing an instrument and performing at a young age. After appearing in a couple of films, Porter knew she could not fully commit to singer while acting.

In 2014, Porter moved to Nashville and eventually secured a record deal. Porter became the first artist to earn three back-to-back singles at Canadian Country radio since Shania Twain in 1998 with hits like "About You," "These Days," and "Seeing Other People."

Porter's latest single "Drinkin' Song" is the title track off her latest album Drinkin' Song - The Collections. Her 7 song album includes her three No. 1 Canadian hits. The video shows Porter in several relationships which she realizes isn't what she thought. She then understands that "it's just another one of my drinkin' songs.'

The chorus for "Drinkin' Song":

We'd sing about fallin' in love

It couldn't get much better

I wish I could make time stop

In that chorus forever

But things change and you're gone

And I can't turn it off when it comes on, no

Now it's just another one of my drinkin' songs

MacKenzie Porter - "Drinkin' Song"

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