Luke Bryan's Young Love Single "Waves"

Luke Bryan's current single "Waves" was performed on Sunday night's (May 16) episode of American Idol. The single follows his No. 1 hit "Down to One," which is off his deluxe version of 'Born Here, Live Here, Die Here' album.

The song and video begin with a nostalgic feel about two young people falling in love one summer. The love was strong enough to endure the summer and much more.

The chorus for "Waves":

You were made for summer

Just like these stars we're under

We're made for lighting this July sky up

Blanket down made for me and you tied up

All night long, over and over

Crash into me and pull me closer

Kiss by kiss, one after another

Don't let go, baby, let this summer

Just keep on coming in waves

Keep coming in waves

Keep on coming in waves

Keep coming in waves

Luke Bryan is currently planning his '"Proud To Be Here' tour beginning July 8th in Syracuse, NY.

Luke Bryan - "Waves"

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