Linsay Ell's Single "Want Me Back"

Country artist Lindsay Ell released a new album Heart Theory in August of 2020. She feels the album is special because it covers the different stages of her life. Her latest single off the album is "wAnt me back," which truly showcases her style and vocals. Ell wrote this single with Kane Brown, Matt McGinn, and Lindsay Rimes.

The video was shot as a period piece with a correlation between Sonny and Cher. The message inspires people to understand their wants and needs to determine the right relationship.

The chorus for "wAnt me back":

If I were you, I'd miss my kiss

I'd miss me keeping you up all night

If I were you, I know that losing me

Would make me lose my mind

You ain't gonna find nobody like me

I'm the best you ever had

And I'm always gonna be, so

If I were you

If I were you

I'd want me back too

Lindsay Ell - "wAnt me back"

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