Lee Brice's New Title Track "Hey World"

Country artist Lee Brice will be releasing his fifth studio album, "Hey World." The new album will contain 15 sings including the already released single "One of Them Girls."

Brice's latest single is the title track and introduces country fans to Nigerian artist Blessing Offor. He was first introduced to America as a contestant on NBC's The Voice in Season 7. Brice believes "Hey World" is some of his best work ever.

The chorus to Hey World":

Hey world, leave me alone

Don't call me up today, I won't be picking up the phone

I'm gonna sit here on this porch swing and listen to the pines sing

Everything I need's right here at home

Hey world, leave me alone

Brice's new album "Hey World is due to be released Nov. 20, 2020.

Lee Brice - "Hey World" (feat. Blessing Offor)

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