Hunter Hayes Drops New Single "If You Change Your Mind"

Artist Hunter Hayes released his latest single "If You Change Your Mind" on Thursday, March 18. The song tells a story of missing someone so much, you forget about all the negative. The video has an old-school feel with Hayes dressed in a white tux.

This recent single will be featured on Hayes' upcoming, Red Sky (Part II), which will follow his single "Heartbreak" from August/2019.

The chorus for "If You Change Your Mind":

If you change your mind

You know where to find me

Patient for the right time

Waiting on a green light

If you see the signs

And you wanna hit rewind

See how much we shine

I know you swore you'd never oh

But if you change your mind

If you change your mind

Hunter Hayes co-wrote the single with John Luke and Rachel Braig.

Hunter Hayes - "If You Change Your Mind"

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