"Feels Like Home " by Tyler Rich

Tyler Rich released his debut album Two Thousand Miles on September 4, 2020. The album contains 11 songs including the hit single "Leave Her Wild." The title Two Thousand Miles refers to the distance Rich travels between Los Angeles and Nashville to pursue his dream and be with his wife Sabina. Rich wrote 8 of the 11 songs on the album and has received over 200 million streams.

The single "Feels Like Home," sets a great vibe when you are with the family and good friends. It's the comfortable feeling you have when dancing, joking, and laughing with the people you care about.

The chorus to "Feels Like Home":

I came here tonight to forget why I'm here

If you're with me then why don't you raise up a beer?

Dance with a stranger that you'd like to know

'Cause it feels like home

This hole in the wall has a hell of a view

If you order one more, you'll see it too

When they last call the lights

No, you won't wanna go

’Cause it feels like home

Tyler Rich is currently signed to The Valory Music Co. & Big Machine Records.

Tyler Rich - "Feels Like Home"

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