Easton Corbin Sings "Don't Miss A Beat"

Easton Corbin's latest single "Don't Miss A Beat" is the title track to his upcoming EP due out Nov. 13. The message of the song is important to Corbin and his fans living in today's world. With all the different distractions going on in the world people need to get back some normalcy.

The video was shot at Corbin's friend's farm and shows the progression as a young couple learns to dance. The last dance is in a country barn with Corbin playing guitar.

The chorus to "Don't Miss A Beat":

The band played on

And we danced to every song

Another one of those nights

Where we didn't want to leave

Kissing like you never left

Got my heart back in a wreck

Spinning under those lights

Like a record on repeat

Right on time

In the groove

You and me

Like we didn't miss a beat

Easton Corbin - "Don't Miss A Beat"

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