Dierks Bentley's New Single "Gone"

Dierks Bentley's latest single "Gone" resembles his daily life for the past 8 months. Bentley has been spending time in Nashville, TN and Colorado.

The song describes a man torn apart over a breakup while hiding from family and friends. The single was written by Ben Johnson, Nicolle Galyon, and Niko Moon.

The new video has the fun feel of his 2014 hit "Drunk on a Plane. It has clips that will remind viewers of past TV shows like Full House, Game of Thrones, MacGyver, and The Office.

At the present time, Bentley has no plans for a new album.

The chorus for "Gone":

I've been gone

I've been gone

I've been sittin on the couch watching TV all day long

All day long

I've been trying to figure out how a good thing went wrong

Faster than that freight train

Farther than that airplane

Sadder than a country song

Deaded down that highway

Anywhere but my way

Ever since you moved on

I've been gone

Dierks Bentley - "Gone"

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