Chris Jansen Is "Waitin On 5"

Chris Jansen's latest album 'Real Friends' contains hits like "Good Vibes" and "Done." His latest single is for the working class titled "Waitin On 5." The song will hit home to hard working people watching the clock till 5.

In the video, Chris Jansen sings and cuts to individual waiting to party at the end of the day. Nothing is better than firing up the grill, socializing with friends while enjoying an adult beverage.

The chorus for "Waitin' On 5":

Everybody watchin' that tick-tock-tick

The slower it goes the closer it gets

We'll be crackin' and a-poppin' and a-givin' it a twist

Waitin' on 5 to start on 6, hey!

Some of Chris Jansen's hit singles over the years:

"Buy Me A Boat"

"Power of Positive Drinkin'"

"Fix A Drink"

"Drunk Girl"

"Good Vibes"


Chris Jansen - "Waitin' On 5"

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