Chase Bryant Sings About His "Upbringing"

Country singer, songwriter Chase Bryant has jumped back into country music with a new album Upbringing. Bryant's last released song was "Hell If I Know" back in April/2018.

After a three-year hiatus, Bryant is excited to be back working on new music. In 2018, he battled severe depression and attempted suicide. Due to a miracle, Bryant has been given a second chance to do it again and better.

Bryant wrote 10 of the 12 songs on his new album which was recorded in Austin, Texas. There is no official release date for Upbringing other than this summer.

The chorus for "Upbringing":

I ain’t changin’ who I am ‘Cause I’ve always been this way Like me, hate me, love me, leave me It’s in my DNA It’s in the water down here Got my roots down in this ground

The video for the titled track "Upbringing" was filmed in Orange Grove, Texas, where Bryant grew up. Throughout the video, Bryant shows you different locations in the town and explains it all comes back to my upbringing.

Chase Bryant - "Upbringing"

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