Kameron Marlowe Turns Up The Heat With "Burn 'Em All"

NBC The Voice contestant Kameron Marlowe has found his place in Nashville within the past year. His success from the TV show helped take him straight to Nashville, TN.

Marlowe's independent debut single "Giving You Up," dealt with a breakup and has had over 15 million streams to date. The success of this single has paved the way for radio airplay.

Just recently, Marlowe debuted his latest single "Burn 'Em Up" after signing with Columbia Nashville. The video premiered on August 21st and begins with Kameron and friends getting off work. Everyone comes together after work to burn 'em all.

The chorus for "Burn 'Em All":

Pour the gas, light the match, set the night on fire

Set the the blaze, let the flames get higher Every cigarette, every dollar, every problem You got on you from a town this small Tonight we're gonna burn 'em all​

Kameron Marlowe - "Burn 'Em All"

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