Parker McCollum's New Single "Young Man's Blues"

After his hit single "Pretty Heart'" country artist Parker McCollum has released his new single titled "Young Man's Blues." McCollum took the unfinished song to Randy Montana and he seemed to know right where he wanted the song to go.

A native of Austin, Texas, McCollum says "this is the most honest I have ever been in my songwriting." McCollum's ability to express himself through songwriting makes him an up and coming star in country music.

The video begins with McCollum stepping off his tour bus in his ball cap and a white t-shirt. Throughout the song, McCollum rides motorcycles and horses while trying to shake these young man's blues by getting over a breakup.

The chorus for Young Man's Blues:

Well it just might be the hardest thing I'll do Memory lane won't let me roll on through Well, it just might be the hardest thing I'll do Well, I can't seem to shake these young man's blues

Parker McCollum is currently signed with Universal Music Group.

Parker McCollum - "Young Man's Blues"

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