Tucker Beathard's Tribute "I Ain't Without You"

Country artist Tucker Beathard's latest single "I Ain't Without You" is a tribute to his late brother. The song was debuted on Feb. 22 at the Grand Ole Opry with no audience.

Tucker's brother Clayton (22 years old) was fatally stabbed outside a downtown Nashville bar on December 22nd and died alongside another man with a third victim suffering minor injuries. The suspect was apprehended in January and booked on 2 counts of criminal homicide and 1 count of attempted criminal homicide.

Tucker admits he was very close to his brother and feels music helps the grieving process and keeps his brother close. The emotional single "You Would Think" was released in February and dealt with family issues.

The single "I Ain't Without You" is the final single on Beathard's upcoming album King, out on Aug. 21st.

Songs on the upcoming King EP:

1. “Better Than Me”

2. “You Would Think”

3. “One Upper”

4. “20/10 TN”

5. “Paper Town”

6. “You On”

7. “Miss You Now”

8. “Only”

9. “Find Me There”

10. “Too Drunk”

11. “Faithful”

12. “Can't Stay Here”

13. "I Ain't Without You"

Tucker Beathard is signed with Warner Nashville.

Tucker Beathard - "I Ain't Without You"

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