Rascal Flatts' New EP 'How They Remember You'

Just as the country trio of Rascal Flatts was looking forward to the Farewell Tour of 2020, the COVID pandemic shut down concerts and tours. The band had already released the titled track to their new EP How They Remember You." The single discusses the directions your life can take and how you will be remembered.

This new collection of songs are the first since their album Back To Us in 2017. The 7 song EP was available on July 31st through Big Machine Records.

Songs on the How They Remember You EP:

1. “How They Remember You”

2. “Feel It In The Morning”

3. “Quick, Fast, In A Hurry”

4. “Looking Back”

5. “Warmer”

6. “Sip Away”

7. “Through the Years”

Rascal Flatts - "How They Remember You"

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