Jake Owen's Single "Made For You"

The latest video by Jake Owen is his single "Made For You." This song is off his Greetings From Jake Owen album and contains hits like "Homemade" and "I Was Jack (You Were Diane)." The love song goes great with the raw and tender voice of Owen.

The video is made up of numerous clips sent in by fans, but the real stars are Owen, his girlfriend and his two daughters spending time together. Its about the the people you surround yourself with and the memories you share. Throughout the video Owen shows off the important women in his life with girlfriend Erica Hartlein, their daughter Paris Hartley and his daughter, Olive Pearl, from a previous marriage.

Chorus for "Made For You":

Like a ship without a sea Or a song without a melody I don't know where I'd be or what I'd do 'Cause I was made for you

Jake Owen - "Made For You"

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