A Thousand Horses Has "A Song To Remember"

July 27, 2020

The country-rock band A Thousand Horses has released their latest single "A Song To Remember." The band's single is definitely a breakup song with the lyrics "I need a song to remember, and a beer to forget."


The new single was written by Michael Hobby (of A Thousand Horses), Christopher Stevens, and the Warren Brothers. "A Song To Remember" is the first single released from the band's up-coming sophomore album Let the Band Play On.


The band's last album Southernality was released nearly five years ago and contained "Smoke" a No. 1 hit, "Tennessee Whiskey" and "Southernality."


"A Song To Remember" chorus:


I need a song to remember
And a drink to forget
I'm on my way to gettin' over you
But I ain't there yet
When the melody hits me
Little coke in my whiskey
I'm as close to good as I'm gonna get
I need a song to remember
And a drink to forget



A Thousand Horses - "A Song To Remember"


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