Jason Aldean's Latest Single "Got What I Got" Contains Family Footage

July 4, 2020

Jason Aldean and the family star in the video for his latest single "Got What I Got." The new single is one of 16 off Aldean's "9" album, which includes the hit "We Back."


During much of the pandemic, Aldean and his family have spent a lot of time at their Destin, Florida beach house. The clips in the video were filmed at this location in one day and show Jason, wife Brittney and his two children from a previous marriage. Jason is enjoying this time with his family but is usually on the road this time of years.


"Got What I Got" lyrics:


When I got what I got, I don't miss what I had
The old me before you belongs to the past
In the back of your mind, you might think there's somethin' more I want
But when I got what I got, girl, I don't


Jason Aldean is currently signed with Broken Bow Records



Jason Aldean - "Got What I Got"

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