Luke Bryan Debuts The Emotional Single "Build Me A Daddy"

Luke Bryan brings out a lot of emotion with his single "Build Me A Daddy. The new single is off Bryan's long- anticipated album "Born Here, Live Here, Die Here, and was released on Friday (June 12). The album will have already released singles like "Knockin' Boots," "What She Wants Tonight," and "One Margarita."

The single "Build Me A Daddy" was co-written by Jake Mitchell, Josh Thompson, Brett Tyler and is the sixth of 10 tracks on Bryan's forthcoming new album. Born Here, Live Here, Die Here is set for release on Aug. 7, after being postponed from April 24.

"Build Me A Daddy" - chorus:

Could you build me a daddy? Strong as Superman Make him ten feet tall with a southern drawl And a crooked smile if you can I sure miss him Maybe you could bring him back? If I walked in with him, it’d sure make mama happy If you could build me a daddy

Luke Bryan - "Build Me A Daddy"

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