Tim McGraw's Touching New Single "I Called Mama"

The new single from Tim McGraw is titled "I Called Mama" and has a way of connecting people. The lyrics and tone of the song take you back to the days of connecting with people through physically visiting or carrying on conversations over the phone. This period was well before texting.

The single and video will have a special place in our hearts during this COVID-19 period. It make us think about and appreciate the relationships we cherish. The video highlights children calling and surprising their mothers.

"I Called Mama" chorus:

So I stopped off at a Texaco Bought a Slim Jim and a Coke Parked out by the water just to watch that river flow Grabbed my guitar from the back seat Wrote a song just for me And I sung it for the blue sky And a couple live oak trees I thought of home, grabbed my phone from my pocket And I called mama

Tim McGraw - "I Called Mama"

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