Tucker Beathard's Emotional Ballad "You Would Think"

May 1, 2020


Tucker Beathard is a country music singer/songwriter best known for his hit single "Rock On." Beathard's latest single "You Would Think" is an emotional ballad about being there for someone in need.


The video begins with a young girl watching her mother drink herself to sleep at night. Later in the video, the roles change and the daughter becomes the caregiver for a person caught up in substance abuse. 


The title "You Would Think" leaves the listener thinking the song is about a couple on the verge of breaking up. This song could be about any too individuals in a one-sided relationship.


"You Would Think" chorus:


You would think some song, you would think some place
You would think some look on a strangers face
Would ring a bell, hurt like hell, I make you feel something is missing
And if you wonder what it might be
You would think you'd think of me
You would think you'd think of me



Tucker Beathard - "You Would Think"



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