Russell Dickerson New Single "Love You Like I Used To"

April 17, 2020

Russell Dickerson felt a lot of pressure after hitting No.1 with "Yours," “Blue Tacoma,” in 2018 and "Every Little Thing" in 2019. All three singles were off Dickerson's first album Yours released October 13, 2017.


On February 11, 2020, Dickerson released the first new single off his upcoming sophomore album with "Love You Like I Used To." The video begins with a man packing for a business trip and leave his wife at home with the chaos of three small children. He celebrates a successful business deal with drinks and is given a room key by a business associate as Dickerson sings "I don't love you like I use to."


"Love You Like I Used To" chorus:


I don’t love you like I used to
This gets better every time you kiss me like this
It’s stronger the longer I’m with you, yeah
More than every single day before
Didn’t know I could ever love you more than I did
But baby I do, I don’t love you like I used to, no



Russel Dickerson - "Love You Like I Used To"




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