A New Single From William Michael Morgan - "Whiskey Kinda Night"

February 5, 2020


Country artist William Michael Morgan has had success over the years with hit singles like "I Met A Girl," "Vinyl," and "Missing." Morgan landed his first #1 single with his debut song "I Met A Girl."


Morgan's latest single is titled "Whiskey Kinda Night" and is the first of six upcoming releases available this year. The music will be a mix of band and acoustic recordings.


The music video was shot in a Nashville honky-tonk with Morgan performing on the stage. Morgan explains due to certain circumstances sometimes it's a whiskey kinda night.


"Whiskey Kinda Night" chorus:


'Cause she's drinkin' with someone else

And I'm sinkin' all by myself

And there's only

One thing that'll get me through


Find tour dates for William Michael Morgan by going to his website at William Michael Morgan.



William Michael Morgan - "Whiskey Kinda Night"



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