Montgomery Gentry's New Single "Crazies Welcome"

January 20, 2020

The country duo of Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry began performing in 1999 after Gentry found Montgomery because he was unable to find a solo deal. Over the years the duo released six studio albums like Tattoos and Scars, Carrying On, My Town, You Do Your Thing, Some People Change and Back When I Knew It All.


Montgomery Gentry #1 singles:

"If You Ever Stop Loving Me"

"Something To Be Proud Of"

"Lucky Man"

"Back When I Knew It All"

"Roll With Me" 


On September 8, 2017, Gentry died in a helicopter crash (at the age of 50) in Medford, New Jersey. He was scheduled to perform that evening at an airport resort.


From this day forward, Montgomery has vowed to keep the memory of Gentry and the band alive. Montgomery has continued to tour under the name Montgomery Gentry and release music the two finished right before Gentry's death.


The latest single "Crazies Welcome" was written by Brad & Brett Warren, Jessi Alexander, and Lance Miller. The song welcomes all types of people even crazies. The video begins with Montgomery singing on a stage in a honky-tonk as individuals approach the stage and begin singing.


"Crazies Welcome" chorus:


Crazies welcome
Crazies welcome
Want some live it, want some felt it
Want some lost it, couldn't help it
To save my life, makes us wanna cry some tears
Crazies welcome
Round here



Montgomery Gentry - "Crazies Welcome"



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