Cole Swindell's New Single "Right Where I Left It"

October 5, 2019


Cole Swindell has a new single out called "Right Where I Left It." The single was released on September 27, 2019. As of now, 4 of the 5 songs which will make up his Down Home Sessions V EP are available.


The video was filmed in Bronwood, Georgia where Swindell grew up and he attended the Terrell Academy in Dawson, Georgia. A series of clips were taken around town as Swindell reconnects with some familiar friends and places. The song takes a nostalgic look at returning home after being gone. It's the feeling that you couldn't wait to leave but now realizing I had everything you needed right where I left it.




Is right where I left it

Since I left it ain't changed at all

I guess sometimes you don't know

What you got till you're gone

Couldn't wait to get out

Had to chase some dreams down

Ain't it funny how I found all I needed

Right where I left it

Yeah, right where I left it



Cole Swindell - Right Where I Left It (Official Music Video)



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