Tracy Lawrence New Album 'Made In America' Is Available Now

August 16, 2019

The long-awaited Tracy Lawrence album Made In America is available and contains 12 new songs. "Made in America," "When the Cowboys Gone," and "Nothin' Burns Like You" have been available to fans for some time.


"I am very proud of my new album Made In America and I have worked harder on this album than any other" stated Lawrence. He co-wrote 8 out of the 12 songs on the album and feels country fans will enjoy his latest work. 


Made in America Track List:


1. Made in America 
2. Forgive Yourself 
3. Running Out of People to Blame 
4. When The Cowboy’s Gone 
5. Nothin’ Burns Like You 
6. First Step To Leaving 
7. It Ain’t You 
8. Givin’ Momma Reasons To Pray 
9. Work On My Willie 
10. Chicken Wire 
11. Just the South Coming Out 
12. Stay Back a Hundred Feet 


Below is the lyric video for the single "Made In America."



Tracy Lawrence - "Made In America"


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