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Luke Bryan Releases The Video for "Country On"

Earlier this week, Luke Bryan premiered his new video "Country On" on Facebook. The single was release back in July and is currently in the top 40 on Billboard Country Airplay Chart.

The video is a tribute to the hard working men and woman who keep this country going. Bryan recognizes hometown heroes like farmers, truckers, first responders, cowboys & cowgirls, soldiers and parents who take their responsibilities serious.

Lyrics for "Country On" (Verse 1):

Hey, farmboy, keep droppin' that plow

Bailin' that hay, feedin' them cows

From the rooster crow 'til another long day is gone

Country on

Hey big rig, keep clockin' them miles

Pullin' that horn, makin' us smile

Rollin' that load down the road all night long

Country on

Luke Bryan is currently on his Raised Up Right Tour!

Luke Bryan - "Country On"


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