Callista Clark Is On The Country Charts With "It's Cause I Am"

Country singer-songwriter Callista Clark was raised in Zebulon, Georgia, and grew up singing in her grandfather's church. While in her teens Clark learned to play the guitar and the piano. At the age of 15, Clark signed a record deal with Big Machine Records.

Clark released her first 5-song EP Real to Me in February/2021. Her single "Its 'Cause I Am" has been climbing the country charts since and is currently in the top 40. The song motivates young women to have confidence in themselves no matter what.

Chorus for "It's 'Cause I Am":

I can't help that I'm one of a kind

I'm more than meets the eye

If I ain't what you like

Well that's alright

You want a one-dimensional woman

It's okay, I understand

If I seem too complicated for ya

Mmm it's 'cause I am

It's 'cause I am

Songs on the EP "Real to Me":

1) "It's Cause I Am"

2) "Heartbreak Song"

3) "Change My Mind"

4) "Don't Need It Anymore"

5) "Real To Me" (title-track)

Callista Clark - "It's Cause I Am"


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