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Mitchell Tenpenny "To Us It Did"

Nashville artist Mitchell Tenpenny released his latest single "To Us It Did" on April 30th. Tenpenny debuted the new single a week earlier live at the Grand Ole Opry. The song was co-written by Tenpenny, Jordan Schmidt, and Michael Hardy.

"To Us It Did" is Tenpenny's second single released in 2021 following "Bucket List." Tenpenny will continue to released more new music as his spring/summer tour begins starting on May 27th in Forest, Mississippi.

The chorus of "To Us It Did":

Our trucks didn't really go two-hundred miles an hour

That small town we ran around ain't supposed to feel that big (Yeah)

Shots of Jack and shoulder pads don't give you super powers

Wrong don't right, dirt don't shine, time don't fly

But to us it did

Mitchell Tenpenny - "To Us It Did"


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